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In the vibrant city of Edinburgh, a bustling economic hub in the UK, a wealth of entrepreneurs, professionals, and businesses thrive amidst its picturesque landscape. It's no surprise that the need for reliable, professional tax services has been growing. Whether you are an established business, a freelancer, or simply require personal tax advice, My Tax Accountant, the top personal tax accountant in the UK, is here to serve you right in the heart of this iconic city.Our Edinburgh personal tax accountant service is specially designed to meet the needs of local individuals and businesses. We understand that tax matters can be complicated, confusing, and time-consuming. That's why we aim to provide you with the ease and convenience you deserve. Imagine a world where the weight of tax returns and regulatory compliance is lifted off your shoulders. That's the reality we create for our clients at My Tax Accountant.


As leading Personal Tax Accountants in Edinburgh, we harness the power of the latest accounting software to deliver services that are as accurate as they are efficient. Our team of qualified and certified accountants, each with their own speciality in a range of tax types, leverages these advanced tools to manage your taxes expertly.Our services extend far beyond just local presence. With our comprehensive online service feature, we bring your personal tax accountant in Edinburgh to the comfort of your home or office. All our main tax consultancy services are just a click away, accessible throughout the UK, and beyond. From Capital Gains Tax to Freelance Tax, Inheritance Tax, Landlord Tax, Self-Assessment Tax, and more, we've got you covered.


But we believe in offering more than just tax processing services. Our Personal Tax Accountants Edinburgh team is committed to providing insightful, free real-time tax advice. No bots, no canned responses. Only real, qualified, experienced accountants ready to discuss your taxation issues, offering advice tailored to your unique situation.Plus, our informative blog keeps you up-to-date with the latest news, updates, and insights on UK taxation and accountancy issues. We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge and frequently post fresh, relevant articles to help you navigate the world of taxes with ease.


At My Tax Accountant, we believe that managing taxes shouldn't be a struggle. It's our mission to make it as simple as possible. If you're looking for reliable, professional, and convenient Personal Tax Accountants in Edinburgh, look no further. Your ease and convenience are just a click away.

Our Accounting Services in Edinburgh

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Why us As YOur Personal Tax Accountant Edinburgh

  1. Decades of Experience: At My Tax Accountant, our Personal Tax Accountants in Edinburgh have been providing top-notch tax services for over a decade. Our vast experience allows us to navigate the complex world of taxes with ease, ensuring you're in safe hands.

  2. Qualified and Certified Accountants: Our team of Personal Tax Accountants are not just seasoned, but also qualified and certified. They are specialized in different tax types, providing you with a personal tax accountant that truly understands your unique tax situation.

  3. Ease of Online Access: Our comprehensive online service feature ensures that your personal tax accountant is just a click away, whether you're in Edinburgh, elsewhere in the UK, or even abroad.

  4. Comprehensive Services: We offer an array of tax consultancy and processing services. From Capital Gains Tax and Contractor Tax to Inheritance Tax and Self Employed Tax, our services cater to a wide range of tax needs.

  5. Informative Blog: We maintain an informative blog where we frequently post articles on various tax and accountancy-related issues. This allows us to keep you informed and empowered with the latest knowledge and insights.

  6. Real-Time Taxation Advice: As your personal tax accountant, we provide free real-time tax advice. We believe in direct communication, offering you the opportunity to discuss your tax issues with a real, experienced accountant, not a bot.

  7. Latest Accounting Software: We leverage the latest accounting software to provide our services. This means you benefit from modern, efficient, and accurate tax processing.

  8. Tailored Approach: We understand that each client's tax situation is unique. Our Personal Tax Accountants Edinburgh service is customized to meet your individual tax requirements, ensuring a seamless and stress-free tax experience.

  9. Local Focus, Global Reach: While we are based in Edinburgh and understand the local tax environment intimately, our services are accessible throughout the UK and beyond. This offers you the convenience of local expertise with a global reach.

  10. Client-Centric Service: Our ethos centers around client satisfaction. As your personal tax accountant, we strive to offer a service that is not just professional and efficient, but also friendly, understanding, and approachable.



1. What services can I expect from a Personal Tax Accountant in Edinburgh from My Tax Accountant?

My Tax Accountant offers a wide array of tax consultancy services, including Capital Gains Tax, CIS Tax Return, Contractor Tax, Crypto Tax, Freelance Tax, Inheritance Tax, Landlord Tax, Property Tax, Self-Assessment Tax, Self Employed Tax, and Tax Consulting.

2. I'm based outside Edinburgh. Can I still access your services?

Absolutely. Our services are accessible throughout the UK and beyond thanks to our online service feature. No matter where you are, all our services are just a click away.

3. How experienced are your accountants?

Our team is comprised of qualified and certified accountants, each specializing in a particular type of tax. With over a decade of experience, we ensure your taxation issues are handled by seasoned professionals.

4. What if I need real-time tax advice?

We offer free real-time taxation advice to all our clients. You can discuss your taxation issues directly with a qualified and experienced accountant, providing a human touch to online tax consultancy.

5. Can you assist with Self-Assessment Tax?

Yes, we specialize in Self-Assessment Tax. This is crucial for the self-employed, freelancers, or those with additional income sources, and our expert team can guide you through the process seamlessly.

6. How can you assist with Corporate Tax?

Our team is skilled in Corporate Tax matters, helping your business understand, plan, and comply with corporate tax requirements. We ensure accurate and timely submissions to HMRC.

7. What help can I get with Capital Gains Tax?

Capital Gains Tax applies when you sell an asset that's increased in value. Our accountants can help you understand your liabilities, plan effectively, and minimise your tax burden wherever possible.

8. Can I learn more about tax issues on your website?

Definitely. We run a highly informative blog covering a range of topics on taxes and accountancy in the UK. We frequently post fresh articles to keep our clients informed and empowered.

9. How long has My Tax Accountant been in the business?

We have been offering professional tax accounting services for over a decade, bringing a wealth of experience to your personal tax matters.

10. I'm a landlord in Edinburgh. Can My Tax Accountant assist with my specific tax needs?

Yes. Our accountants are well-versed in Landlord Tax, ensuring that your specific tax obligations relating to your property are professionally managed.

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What Our Clients Say

Andrew Wallace from Edinburgh

The Inheritance Tax services provided by My Tax Accountant are, for the most part, exceptional, demonstrating a clear understanding of a complex and sensitive area. Their online platform is well-organised, helping to navigate what can often be an overwhelming task. A touch more personalised interaction would elevate this to a five-star service, but it's a solid four stars as it stands.
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